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Having too much fun with Smash Bros. Demo… Can’t wait till the full game comes out.

Villager in Tanuki garb is adorable~! I wish that was a real item(s) in Animal Crossing.

My first shiny pokemon! She’s adorable and green @u@

Ever since the announcement of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s storyline, I keep thinking of the Silly Symphony’s short “The Goddess of Spring”, which in turn is based on the Greek mythology of Persephone.

I… I think my Super Princess Peach game just went Creepypasta on me…

I don’t think if I can submit this technically since I’m on disability, so I just did this for fun :3

Our pet emus had babies about a month ago, they’ve grown so much!
I happened to be at my house to see them having their first bath with their parents ♥

I went to make a simple vector to show Dark something and I ended up making this because I’m boiling…

I went to make a simple vector to show Dark something and I ended up making this because I’m boiling…


Ever wondered what kind of Animal Crossing villager you would be? I have, but I’ve never found any tests elaborate enough to satisfy me.

So I made two quizzes to help you find out exactly what kind of AC villager you would be! A quiz to find your personality (lazy, snooty, etc.) and a quiz to find your species (cat, rabbit, etc.)

So if you want to know for sure what kind of villager you would be…these are the tests you need to take! It’s worth it for fun, trust me! ^.^

Take the species quiz!

Take the personality quiz!

If you do the tests, pick your favourite colour and then sandwich your results together with it. For example, I’m a pink uchi squirrel! (◕‿◕✿)

I’d love to know how you did so reblog this post with your results. If you’re an artsy sort of person maybe even draw yourself as an AC villager?

Either way, hope you all find this handy! :D

Apparently… I’m a green lazy cat, who knew?

(via janedoecrossing)